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Chanel Santini

Hair: Blonde|Brunette

Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Weight: 118 lbs (54 kg)

Boobs: Fake

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Chanel Santini is a transgender woman from New Mexico who started doing porn when she was <a href="">18 years old</a>, which is a pretty unique phenomenon. In the past, due to the ways trans people were perceived, most tgirls would be just starting to transition at age 18, and they wouldnt have turned out the beautiful woman that Chanel has turned out to be already; it wouldve taken them a few more years. However, due to greater acceptance in our modern times, Chanel was able to quickly blossom into a sexy pornstar who is 58" tall and weighs 118 pounds. If you looked at her and didnt peek under her skirt, youd never know she has a cute cock under there! One thing Chantel is eager to learn about while in the porn biz is <a href="">licking pussy</a>. She always considered herself a superstraight woman and never knew shed enjoy being a lesbian, but she does now that shes had the opportunity to explore her sexuality through porno. ><br> One of Chanels unfulfilled porn fantasies is to get <a href="">gangbanged</a>. She wants to have all of her holes used by multiple guys. When it finally happens, expect to view it here for free. Chanel loves her fans so much that she instead refers to them as her supporters. She gives them little gifts on Twitter, where she has more than 100,000 followers, while mindful of what she says so that she includes everyone. Before porn, Chanel was working retail at one of those stores that only hires hot people. Her friend was looking online for jobs and saw a posting for TS pornstars. They both replied even though they thought it was a joke, and now here she is!

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